Viewing the partner horse from all perspectives, combined with years of experience in and on the saddle, that is what Tempel-Pferdesport is all about.

The foundation of Tempel equestrian sports are many years of experience with the partner horse.

Customers of Tempel-Pferdesport

Considering the anatomical, muscular, and individual characteristics of horse and rider, we recommend adaptable and high-quality branded riding saddles.

Leisure Riders

With our advice, we offer leisure riders security, trust, and transparency.

Professional Riders

The focus for professional riders is on durability and functionality. Because only practical and robust materials can withstand everyday life on horseback.

Tournament Riders

For the sporty comparison with like-minded people, we offer tournament riders high-quality and trendy equipment, of course suitable for horse and rider in all disciplines.

Champion Riders

Not an unimportant detail – innovative equestrian products that are tailor-made for horse and rider sometimes decide about victory or placement. Professional riders trust in our experience and individual advice.


In risky situations and in daily routine, the police riding squad appreciates the equipment that meets the special requirements and the special fit.

Tempel Pferdesport
B├Ąckergasse 14
02791 Oderwitz
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